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October 2, 2006 | Andrew Winston | Jump to: Comments (0) | Post A Comment

Green World, Flat World

Interesting article in the NY Times this weekend about the rise of an Indian-based wind power company, Suzlon (see “The Ascent of Windpower”).

Beside the obvious point that developing countries often leapfrog to the latest technologies (cell phones anyone?), and the less obvious point that writer Keith Bradsher makes about the viability of wind power now, one other thing stands out. As the Bradsher describes it…

“Not even on the list of the world’s top 10 wind-turbine manufacturers as recently as 2002, Suzlon passed Siemens of Germany last year to become the fifth-largest producer by installed megawatts of capacity. It still trails the market leader, Vestas Wind Systems of Denmark, as well as General Electric, Enercon of Germany and Gamesa Tecnológica of Spain.”

Just look at that list of leaders. GE is the only globally known company. The top five include small, but growing, players from as many countries. The competition in this new space is broad, and with the addition of Suzlon, includes the developing world. This kind of competitive spectrum will not be unusual in the coming battle for green hearts, minds, and markets. New green opportunities mean new empowered players that can come on strong from anywhere in the world. And the local guys may have a leg up.

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