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August 31, 2006 | Andrew Winston | Jump to: Comments (0) | Post A Comment

A New World for Business

In Green to Gold, we describe both the tremendous pressure companies face about their environmental impact, and the enormous opportunity waiting for those companies best prepared to handle these new pressures. We see two large forces coming to bear:

  1. the real and immediate resource-constraints in the natural world, which goes well beyond traditional concerns about running out of oil or metals (problems that may be overblown), but more importantly focuses on the strain on more amorphous resources like clean air and a stable climate.

  2. a wide range of stakeholders who care about these issues, which also extends beyond the traditional protestors and non-governmental organizations to include customers, communities, and your own employees.
In short, the game has changed for good, and smart companies are preparing and taking advantage. The leaders, or WaveRiders as we call them, are using a new strategy playbook and a range of tools to generate a new kind of competitive advantage, an eco-advantage.

This blog will focus on how the game is changing, what (and how) companies are doing to take advantage of it, and, at times, who's stumbling.


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